Two deliverables describing SAIL prototyping plans available now

During the summer, SAIL submitted two interesting deliverables to the Commission. These two public reports from the SAIL project are now available from the list of deliverables.

D-A.9: Description of Overall Prototyping Use Cases, Scenarios and Integration Points

This document presents the overall prototyping scenarios, use cases and integration points in the SAIL project.  Three prototyping scenarios derived from the project overall use cases de fined in D.A.1 are described: Event with Large Crowd, Dynamic Enterprise and Elastic NetInf Deployment. These scenarios integrate the work from the di fferent technical work packages NetInf, OConS and CloNe.  An overview on how the prototype components will be integrated and some means to achieve the integration is also documented.

D-C.3: Demonstrator Specification and Integration Plan

This document is a public deliverable of the EU-FP7 project SAIL (Scalable Adaptive Internet Solutions ) and describes the demonstrator activities and prototype integration plan for the SAIL workpackage ‘Open Connectivity Service (OConS)’ with the target of final realization at project end. Moreover, details of cross-WP cooperation are given from an OConS perspective in addition to the project-wide description in the related deliverable D.A.9 “Description of overall prototyping use cases, scenarios and integration points”.

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