Turning prototypes into demos

Once again the whole SAIL-project is gathered. This time in Lisbon, at Instituto Superior Técnico. The 4th General Meeting takes place this week, and one of the highlights of the week is the internal demo event.

The time had come when prototypes that are been worked on across the project were showcased to everyone within SAIL. No less than twelve demo stations, four from each technical work package, were set up.

It was great to see many of the concepts, that previously have been explained in presentations and the deliverables, in real life. It made it easier to grasp some aspects, and to see the concepts turned into code is a nice start of the last year of the project.


All demos worked. As expected perhaps, but as we all know – anything can happen during a demo.

Tuesday, which was the man demo day, had one plenary session where all demo teams gave a quick overview of what we were about to see. The session was introduced by Michael Soellner, theme leader for the prototyping theme.

Next it was time for the demos. Everyone within the SAIL project walked around and explored the twelve demos stations. The opportunity to discuss details and ways to further evolve the concepts was well used.

Further more, we took the opportunity to capture all demos on video. We will now take some time and look through all the raw footage, and to edit the material into separate movies. Keep your eyes on this blog and on the main SAIL web site, there’s a good chance that you will be able to have a look yourself later on.

Disclosure and disclaimer: I am engaged in SAIL, an ICT project about the Future Internet, on behalf of Ericsson. However the opinions expressed in this post are my personal, and not those of the SAIL project or my employer.

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