Press release, SAIL – Scalable & Adaptive Internet solutions

Leading telecommunication operators, vendors, and research institutions collaborate in a strong, industry-led consortium to develop the Networks of the Future.

A consortium of 24 operators, vendors and research institutions started on August 1st the 12.4 Million EUR EU-funded research project SAIL (Scalable & Adaptive Internet Solutions) aiming at designing architectures for the Networks of the Future, as part of the European Commission’s 7th Framework Program.

The industry-driven SAIL consortium integrates a wide range of complementary. Besides Ericsson,the project coordinator, the consortium includes companies and institutions from 9 European countries plus Israel and Australia: Alcatel-Lucent, Nokia Siemens Networks, NEC, Hewlett-Packard, France Telecom, Telefonica, Telecom Italia, Portugal Telecom Inovacao, DOCOMO, Robotiker, SICS, IST – Technical Univ. of Lisbon, Univ. of Paderborn, Aalto Univ., KTH – Royal Institute of Technology Fraunhofer SIT, Univ. of Bremen, Institut Telecom, Technion, INRIA, Trinity College Dublin, Univ. Of Cantabria, and NICTA.

SAIL will both design technologies for the Networks of the Future and develop techniques to transition from today’s networks to such future concepts. SAIL leverages state-of-the-art architectures and technologies, extends them as needed, and integrates them. SAIL uses experimentally-driven research, building prototypes that will proof the advantages in concrete use cases.

SAIL will integrate the concepts of Network of Information, Cloud Networking, and Open Connectivity Services. To realise a Network of Information, mechanisms and protocols will be developed that handle heavy information retrieval workloads more efficiently than today’s networks, and are easier to use for application programmers and network operators alike. Cloud Networking will integrate cloud computing deeply into networks, for efficient network operations and service awareness, and bringing its advantages as close to the customer as possible. With Open Connectivity Services, transport and routing services can be controlled and orchestrated over various technologies, ranging from fibre backbones to wireless access networks.

SAIL will also address cross-cutting technical themes, such as security and network migration, together with non-technical issues, such as socio-economics, including the outcome of new markets, business roles and models, thus, increasing opportunities for both competition and cooperation. Standardisation aspects will be considered as a major concern to the consortium, and will be complemented through the broad dissemination of project results.

Thomas Edwall, Project Manager from Ericsson, says: “SAIL is an important tool to ensure broad acceptance within the industry, and enhance the possibilities for standardisation of solutions fostering the Networks of the Future. Furthermore, the innovations in SAIL will allow the European industry to stay ahead in ICT development, fostering the creation of skilled jobs in ICT.”

The SAIL project has 30 months duration, lasting until December 2012. The kick-off meeting is taking place in Stockholm.

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SAIL Project Manager: Thomas Edwall, Ericsson
Phone: +46 10 719 6310

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