Results and output

During the lifetime of SAIL a large amount of papers, publications, prototypes and events has been produced. From this page you will be able to find these and other relevant results and output from the project.

As part of the overall project setup a number of deliverables has been defined. A list of these, with links to published documents, are found here: Deliverables from SAIL

During the project and number of papers and other publications have been produced by partners and individuals within the scope of the SAIL project. These includes submissions to journals and conferences, as well as standards contributions. These publications are listed here, with links when applicable: Publications from SAIL

Two specific events, arranged by SAIL, with relevant material:

SAIL Summer School (summer 2012)

Future Media Distribution using Information Centric Networks (winter 2013)

Open Source activites
SAIL has contributed actively to the open source community, this page (link) summarizes the activities.

During the project newsletters (in parallel with the news flow) has been published online as well as handed out in printed format. The newsletters are found at Newsletters from SAIL.

SAIL in the news
SAIL has been mentioned in newspapers and other media. Some of the articles are compiled here (link).

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