Open source activities

NetInf NI Library (WP-B)

The software provides implementations of the NI naming scheme (draft-farrell-decade-ni) and other NetInf features (such as convergence layers, forwarding, caching) in different languages, including C, Clojure, Java, PHP, Python, and Ruby. It also contains additional tools such as patches to curl and wget and shells scripts for web server support.

Apache 2.0 License


OpenNetInf (WP-B)

The OpenNetInf prototype is building on and extending earlier work from the 4WARD project. OpenNetInf is a proof-of-concept implementation of the major NetInf elements, including the NetInf API, inter-NetInf-node interface, information model, naming concepts, security concepts, name resolution, caching, and data transfer. The goal is to evaluate the major NetInf design choices and the overall NetInf architecture in practice. OpenNetInf contains an hierarchical name resolution system (MDHT-based) and integrated caching functionality.  Another focus is on the NetInf API and on the inter-NetInf-node interface. The software contain browser plugins and video streaming software.

BSD 3-clause license



GIN (Global Information Network) is a hybrid networking architecture for Information-Centric Networks. The idea it to support both host-centric and information-centric communications, by means of the same set of networking mechanisms. Many of the ideas and concepts developed in GIN have been introduced in NetInf.  Code and documentation can be found

Apache 2.0

All NetInf tools can found at


DTN2 BPQ (WP B),  

This is the Delay Tolerant Networking reference implementation. The Bundle Protocol with Query has been implemented during the SAIL project.

Apache 2.0


HURRywalla (WP-C),

The HURRy (HUman Routines used for Routing) protocol, defines a probabilistic routing approach which infers and benefits from the social behaviour of nodes in disruptive networking environments. HURRy is based on PRoPHET but it incorporates the contact duration to the information retrieved from historical encounters among neighbours.

Hurrywalla has been implemented as an evolution of the Bytewalla3 open source project, which is a DTN implementation for Android incorporating PRoPHET.

The HURRywalla release also incorporates the Publish/Query paradigm defined by BPQ, which allows dynamic content caching.

Creative Common – Attributions


libNetVirt (WP-D),

Libnetvirt is a library that helps to manage virtual networks abstracting the underlying technology. Only the endpoints to interconnect are required to  create the network.

Currently libnetvirt has only  OpenFlow support but we are planning to offer drivers for other underlying technologies.

The source code is available on github

LGPL License


pyOCNI (WP-D),

Open Cloud Networking Interface (OCNI) is an extension to the Open Group Forum (OGF) Open Cloud Computing Interface (OCCI) that supports establishment of network connections between the computing elements.  pyOCNI is a python implementation of this interface. The source code  is available on github

License Apache 2.0



Cloud Message Brokering Service (CMBS)  is a component that  facilitates the exchange of information between multiple domains and especially networking domains. Messages can be echanged in any N-to-N connection configuration or topology ( in any of the following fashion or type : req/rep, pub/sub, pipeline…).  It can be especially useful in :

  •         exchanging monitoring data,
  •         discovering or announcing services
  •         subscribing to any relevant event or service notifications

A python implementation of CMBS, pyCMBS, developed under the Apache license, is available at:

Apache 2.0 License

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