‘New Business Models and Business Dynamics of the Future Networks’, further one SAIL deliverable available

The document New Business Models and Business Dynamics of the Future Networks, a public deliverable from the SAIL project, is now available from the list of deliverables.

From the executive summary:

One objective of the SAIL project is to analyse the socio-economic impact of the new, Future
Internet related technical concepts. This work has been divided into several stages. In the first
stage, the high-level business analysis of the new technical concepts was carried out and
recorded in the deliverable ‘Business analysis for use case scenarios’ (D.A.1). In this second
stage, the deeper analysis of the three socio-economic aspects of the Future Internet, i.e. the
Intangible Aspects, Business Aspects, and Regulatory Aspects, is carried out. The results of
this of work have been recorded in this document.

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