“NetInf Content Delivery and Operations” deliverable available

The document NetInf Content Delivery and Operations, a public deliverable from the SAIL project, is now available from the list of deliverables.

Abstract of the report:

This deliverable on “NetInf Content Delivery and Operations” reports on the results of the NetInf
development work on content delivery, applications, and operations/management. It describes
the NetInf Protocol and key components of the NetInf architecture such as an object model,
a naming scheme, the NetInf Convergence Layer approach and several specific NetInf Convergence
Layers that have been developed. This document also presents the NetInf approach to
global connectivity and discusses operational considerations for the NetInf technology in specific
deployments. It also provides an evaluation of several mechanisms for transport, caching and
management and a conceptual description of service placement in NetInf networks, together with
a service placement optimization approach. The NetInf “Event with Large Crowd” demonstration
scenario integrates the different technology components and corresponding SAIL partner
developments and provides a basis for evaluation.

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