Press release: Future Media Distribution using Information Centric Networks

(A PDF version of the press release is available here) EU-funded project SAIL has developed mechanisms and protocols for Information Centric Networks (ICN) that help to manage the heavy workload of transferring media information more efficiently than today’s networks. EFRAIM … Continue reading »

Three new deliverables from SAIL available online

Three new deliverables from SAIL have been made available in the list of deliverables: D.A.8: Evaluation of business models Abstract: Due to the growing traffic volume in the Internet, new technical solutions are being developed. The three SAIL technologies, i.e. … Continue reading »

New deliverable available: Description of Implemented Prototype

A new public deliverable is available, which you can find among the other published deliverables in the list of deliverables: D-D.2: Description of Implemented Prototype Abstract: This document describes the implementation of the Cloud Network (CloNe) prototyping. Cloud networking in … Continue reading »

Two deliverables describing SAIL prototyping plans available now

During the summer, SAIL submitted two interesting deliverables to the Commission. These two public reports from the SAIL project are now available from the list of deliverables. D-A.9: Description of Overall Prototyping Use Cases, Scenarios and Integration Points Abstract: This document presents … Continue reading »

ICN-2012, Friday, Aug 17

This week, the ACM SIGCOMM 2012 Conference is held in Helsinki, Finland and on Friday, August 17, the SAIL co-organised second ACM SIGCOMM workshop on Information-Centric Networking (ICN-2012) will take place. Two out of three Technical Program Chairs are SAIL participants, namely Dirk Kutscher … Continue reading »

“NetInf Content Delivery and Operations” deliverable available

The document NetInf Content Delivery and Operations, a public deliverable from the SAIL project, is now available from the list of deliverables. Abstract of the report: This deliverable on “NetInf Content Delivery and Operations” reports on the results of the NetInf … Continue reading »

Open Source NetInf software – new version released

SAIL has released a new version of its open source NetInf (Network of Information) software. The package consists of different implementations of name-content binding validation algorithms for the NI URI format that SAIL members published earlier (see SAIL list of … Continue reading »

Sixth quarterly newsletter from SAIL

The sixth quarterly newsletter from SAIL is now available. You can download the newsletter here (link). In the newsletter you will find an overview of the achievements and activities within the SAIL project during the last quarter. In the “under the … Continue reading »

Information-Centric Networking Research Group (ICNRG)

A new IRTF research group on Information-Centric Networking (ICNRG) has been chartered. The distribution and management of named information is already today a major application in the Internet. Information-centric networking (ICN) is an approach to evolve the Internet infrastructure to directly … Continue reading »

SAIL at FuNeMS 2012

SAIL, together with three other FP7 projects (GEYSERS, SESERV and Euro-NF), has got the co-organised Workshop Cloud Networking – Technical and Business Challenges accepted at the Future Network & Mobile Summit (FuNeMS) 2012 in Berlin, Germany, 4-6 July. In addition to this, two SAIL related papers has got accepted … Continue reading »